Recurring tokens notice

When you set the token type to “recurring” (token-type=”recurring”), please make sure you have obtain the customer consent first and please provide sufficient notice before billing on your website.

If those points are not respected, the customer may object the payment and report this.

If this happens repeatedly, the card company can decide to cancel the merchant contract, which our company is not responsible for.

Please find an example below of what we consider “sufficient notice” and please make sure to add this to your website.

Widget example:

Below is sample code where recurring tokens are mandatory.

Credit card information is tokenised by the PCI-DSS-compliant system, who will stores the tokens. The purpose of using the token is to recharge according to the consumer’s repurchase and service usage. Billing is always done with the prior consent of the consumer and will not be done without permission. The saved tokens are only available for this service and will not be used by other services, even in the event of being leaked.
EC link form example:

If you want to make the registration of a recurring token mandatory, please check the “Save card details to be re-used next time” example.
*Links to pages containing inline forms can be set up in the same way.

Save card details to be re-used next time (example)

Ask for card details each time (example)