Payment set-up outline

Before your customers can make their first payment with our services, some set-up is required, as outlined below.

1. App token creation

The app token (or “application token”) acts like an authentication key when making a payment and determines which store the payment is made at. App tokens are mandatory for all payments.

  • First, please create an application token for the desired Store, using the management console
  • If you want to use the inline checkout or widget, you need to register the domain of the website you want to use.
  • If you want to use API integration, you will need to save keep the secret (provided when you create the app token through the management console)

See the App tokens page for more details.

2. Webhook creation (optional)

Webhook will send a notification to a URL of your choosing, with the results of transactions or other processe carried out by our service. Please create a webhook if you want to link it to other systems (e.g. order management system) on your side.

Creating webhooks is not necessary if you are happy with checking the results of transactions or other processes by email or through the management screen.

See the Webhooks page for more details.

3. Checkout selection

Once you have created an application token (and optional webhooks), you can choose which checkout solution to use, according to your business and customer needs.

1/ Which payment types do you want to offer?

  • Inline checkout supports Credit cards payments only
  • Widget checkout supports Credit cards, Paidy, Bank transfer, Online payments
  • EC link form supports Credit cards, Paidy, Bank transfer,Convenience Stores Payment, Online payments

See the Checkout forms page for more details

2/ Which billing types do you want to offer?

  • Standard charges support Credit card, Paidy, Bank transfers,Convenience Stores Payment and Online payments
  • Subscriptions support Credit card payments only
  • Recurring tokens support Credit card and Bank transfers payments

See the Billing types page for more details

4. Checkout set-up

Now is time to set up the checkout form that your customer will use.

See the pages below for more details on each checkout form:

5. Sharing with customers

Before letting customers use your new checkout, please check that it is fully working by making transactions in test mode. Test payment can be made by creating an app token in test mode.

For credit card payments, you can make a test payment using the “Test charge” page of the management console.

The test payments will appear in the management console.

See the Console section of this documentation for more information on how to use the management console.